Ryan Johnson

I am a full-stack developer with 10+ years experience specializing in agile web application development and consulting. Although I work with across multiple technologies my specialty is in JavaScript with an emphasis on developing in React.js/AngularJS.

I'm a coder at heart, and I count myself lucky to enjoy the craft I work in. For that reason you can usually find me contributing to Open Source projects, answering questions on Stack Overflow, publishing articles on Medium, or just doing my damndest to keep up with JavaScript frameworks.

  • email ryan@shakainteractive.com
  • github github.com/ryandrewjohnson
  • twitter twitter.com/ryandrewjohnson
  • medium medium.com/@ryandrewjohnson
  • linkedin linkedin.com/in/ryandrewjohnson

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Previous Contracts

Full Stack Developer @ ScotiaBank

  • Worked as a developer on a team responsible for delivering a new onboarding application for Scotia iTrade.
  • Team was made up of a talented agile team working on a 2-week sprint schedule.
  • Worked on developing both the front-end (React.js/TypeScript) and back-end (Node.js/TypeScript) of the application.
  • Leveraged TypeScript to share data model types between back-end and front-end.

Full Stack Developer @ Huge

  • Responsible for developing a solution for users to enter eyewear prescriptions during checkout on an eyewear ecommerce site.
  • The portion I developed was a stand alone React.js application that was separate from the rest of the site built in Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Solution also used Redux for state management in the React.js application.

Full Stack Developer @ Mckinsey Digital Labs

  • Each MDL project would find me parterned with a new client and MDL team.
  • A typical project would find the MDL team paired with their client equivilant; in my case developers.
  • Coached client development team in agile/development best practices, while delivering an MVP over a 16-week sprint schedule.
  • Fortunate enough to work with many talented individuls in the MDL network; including scrum masters, architects, consultants, and other developers.

Lead Front-end Architect @ Venzee Inc.

  • Worked as part of a distributed team with the goal of delivering an MVP version of the product.
  • Structured the front-end of the application built on Angular.js from the ground up
  • Created an organized codebase that promotes reuse and scalability.
  • Leveraged tools such as grunt to create build tasks to automate and optimize where possible.

Front-end Developer @ Glocalspace

  • Worked with a team of developers on large scale Angular.js project.

Associate Tech Director @ TAXI

  • Aided in the day to day management of a small team of developers.
  • Helped introduce new work flow processes to aide my team's project organization and management.
  • Participated in the management and scoping of digital projects for myself and the development team.
  • Worked as lead developer on larger builds when necessary.

Front-end Developer @ Nurun

  • Worked on team responsible for delivering new fully responsive version of Walmart.ca.

Manager Interactive Development @ SapientNitro

  • Worked with a talented team of developers on the Loblaw Companies Limited projects.
  • Assumed managerial role when the regular manager of the project was away on vacation.

Front-end Developer @ Savoury Projects

  • Worked as lead front-end developer on multiple projects including ones for SportsNet and World of Four Seasons.

Full Stack Developer @ SapientNitro

  • Lead developer for the Harley Davidson 110th anniversary celebration site.
  • Managed a small development team of 3 developers.
  • Site needed to support 30+ locales including right to left languages.